I believe that my mission as an educator and a scientist is to prepare students to become curious, confident, and independent thinkers who have skills and knowledge to make a positive difference on their communities.


My early teaching experience was at Florida International University where I taught large enrollment courses (up to 240 students/class), as well as small lectures (up to 23 students).  Teaching at such a large university made me aware of the various learning styles, backgrounds, and interests that students in my classes have. To reach this diversity of students I developed multiple strategies using traditional lectures in combinations with interactive activities, group discussions, presentations, games, and public outreach events to stimulate critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and effective science communication skills.


In every class I strive to create an intellectually stimulating learning environment. I believe that education is a two-way relationship between the instructor and the student that requires open communication between all parties to be effective. Education is not a monologue. In my classes I expect students to be able to ask questions, comment, and discuss topics about the material we are covering. I always welcome ideas, comments, and constructive criticism. This is your education, take charge of it!


Spring 2013

BIO 101 – Biological Concepts Lecture and Lab



BIO 201 – Human Anatomy and Physiology Lecture and Lab

BIO 491 – Research in Biology



BIO 202 – Human Anatomy and Physiology Lecture and Lab

BIO 492 – Research in Biology