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Settling Down in Vietnam

     Well we have been here long enough that the rent is due already on our apartment. 12,720,000 Viet Nam Dong, about ($600). Wow. This includes laundry, cleaning, internet, and water! We are getting spoiled with having our laundry done. We just had a busy few weeks. Peggy has a full schedule teaching a … Continue reading →

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Week number three

We just finished our third week in Vietnam. I would say that our biggest obstacle is the language barrier. We have signed up for Vietnamese class that our supposed to start next week but they are not sure they will have enough students to run the class. If not, then we will need to find another … Continue reading →

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Daily life

Hello friends – We are trying to settle into our new life and routine. Our apartment is small but meets our needs. The apartment price includes weekly cleaning and laundry so we feel very lucky. We found a grocery store that has some familiar products so that helps. Everything else needs to bought at the local market. … Continue reading →

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