Superbowl 2015

Well, watching the Superbowl live in Viet Nam takes a bit of extra effort. A bunch of American ex-pats from our local bar agreed to meet in downtown HCMC at Game On sports bar to watch the game on Monday morning at 6:30 AM since we are 12 hours later here. So we showed up on time and found that all the seats were taken and everyone was smoking and drinking beer already! Luckily I grabbed a table on the outside porch for the group and we sat down in a smoke free environment. Yes! We ordered coffee and a full English breakfast and settled in and watched the game. Everyone around us was wearing Seattle Seahawks team shirts so I was outnumbered being the only Patriots fan. I had to run across the street to a minimart to get coffee when they ran out. The game was one of the best in years and it was quite a surreal experience overall. There was a collective groan in the last two minutes when the interception ended the game and the Patriots won! I quick grabbed a cab back to the university and just made it in time to teach my English club at 10am. I will never forget this day. Cheers Bob

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Check out the caption on this poster-Husband DayCare!

Check out the caption on this poster-Husband DayCare!

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