Peggy on TV

In February we were contacted by VTV-3 who asked if we would agree to an interview for a local show called Viet Nam Troung Tim Toi, (Viet Nam In My Heart). The show features foreigners who return to volunteer to help people in Viet Nam.  A free lance student producer met with us to develop the script and arrange the filming. Next a film crew of nine people came with camera and lighting equipment to our apartment at 6:30 am and filmed part one in our kitchen with Peggy and me in one take. Wow. We discussed our work with Brittany’s Hope and our impressions of Viet Nam.  We then moved to the University and they filmed Peggy for part two in the office and during a staff meeting where Peggy discussed her teaching at the University and the Fulbright program. It was over before we knew it by nine am and we were presented with a framed photo of ourselves from the show. The presenter was a young man named Nguyen Kang who we found out is quite famous in Viet Nam from all the girls in the office. He spoke very good English and made the whole experience very easy. Well the show was broadcast last weekend and Huyen heard from all her friends who saw her picture on TV. She was able to post it on You Tube so everyone can see it there. It was a great experience and very professionally done. So if you want to see Peggy on TV Google Peggy McFarland on You Tube and check it out!

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