Final Goodbyes and Travels

cakeresize       Bob and I have spent the last two weeks saying many tearful goodbyes to all of our friends and colleagues. I have been meeting with everyone to finish up all  of my projects and finalizing plans to continue our work together. Bob’s student and faculty English clubs were so sad to say goodbye to “Mr.Bob” and appreciated all of his efforts to help them improve their English. The university faculty held a party and day’s outing to Mekong Delta in our honor. We have received many gifts to remember all of our time together. It is hard to believe that our year is over and that we were able to impact and touch so many lives. I think it will take some time for all of this experience to really be felt and understood.


Bob and I are packing up our apartment this weekend and then heading to Laos and Singapore for two weeks. The trip to Laos is for sightseeing and then in Singapore I will be attending and presenting at an international social development conference on my findings related to aging services in Vietnam. We fly back to Vietnam to pick up the rest of our luggage and then fly to Newark July 13. I head from Newark to a college reunion in South Carolina with Cathy and Bob heads to Cape Cod for a week. We will end up in Elizabethtown July 21 at Sue Smith’s house until we find an apartment. We have decided to live in Elizabethtown for two years until I retire. We will have to let everyone know our new address and cell phone numbers after we get settled. I’m afraid we are in for culture shock but are very excited to see our friends and family!

See you soon. Peggy and Bob

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