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3 Bottles of Water

In a loosely associated reference to the book 3 Cups of Tea book by Gregg Mortenson, chronicling the importance of relationship in building in Pakistan, I have been drinking lots of water with religious leaders in Laos. At each meeting a 350ml bottle of Tigerhead water, bottled by Lao Brewing Company, is placed before us … Continue reading →

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Mittapab Means Friendship

“Even the name of the group reflects a cultural relevance, deeply resonant with the surrounding Buddhist culture” commented Steve, the architect of the project I am working on in Laos. Mittapab, meaning friendship in Lao language, is a group of youth who train school students in communications techniques, dealing with diversity and respect…among other topics … Continue reading →

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Lao Background

How does one introduce a country of 6.5 million people, made up of 49 different ethnic groups, located in South East Asia? With a reputation of being most heavily bombed place on earth from the Vietnam/American war, this beautiful country has a challenge facing many places I have worked in the past 20 years.   … Continue reading →

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Where in the World is Jon?

Greetings from Lao PDR. I am making a quick trip here at the invitation of the Mennonite Central Committee to do an assessment of an emerging project that has elements of religious diversity, training youth in communications skills and respect as well as curriculum writing. This is the first trip of four that is planned … Continue reading →

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