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Seizing Power

My routing home from MPI was through Thailand. The country has been paralyzed by a political polarization that sees the red shirts pitted against the yellow shirts. Right before I came to the Philippines, the Thai Supreme Court ousted the prime minister, sister of the former ousted prime minister and supported by the red shirts … Continue reading →

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A Religious Champion for Peace

Retired Archbishop Capalla came to our class today and spoke of his role in bringing leaders from Islam and Christianity together in support of peace in Mindanao. Speaking of years of personal relationship building across conflict lines he related a story of one dialogue that became stuck and bogged down. In the middle of this … Continue reading →

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The Beauty of Diversity

The Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute (MPI) has now into its 15th year. Over that time there has been an amazing continuity in the facilitation team which has seen the same international and Filipino facilitators each year while mentoring a younger group of facilitators.   As I ate breakfast this morning I, as an American, was sharing … Continue reading →

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Interfaith Center for Conciliation and Nonviolence

My friend Chito, a committed nonviolent activist since the days that ‘People Power’ overthrew the Marcos Dictatorship in the mid 1980’s, started his own NGO called the Interfaith Center for Conciliation and Nonviolence (ICCN) 10 years ago. Being relatively new to the Philippines in 2004, I was introduced to him by a mutual friend and … Continue reading →

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Travel Zen

I am ready for my annual trip to the southern Philippines. This trip routing is rather long, 72 or so hours from waking to arrival in Davao, the venue for the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute Training (MPI). This is my 13th time to be a part of this wonderful event but it was almost not to … Continue reading →

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