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A novel way to deal with ISIS – Nonviolently

One of the ‘truisms’ I teach my students about the use of nonviolence as a change strategy is that nonviolent methods start by looking really irrational, even laughable at first. But after the conflict progresses these methods look more and more rational compared to the options of violence. So with that in mind, I want … Continue reading →

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War Casualties in Peace Time

In the 1960s, for 9 years, the US conducted 580,000 bombing runs over Laos as part of a covert campaign that was kept hidden from the US Congress.  Hundreds of millions of baseball sized munitions called ‘bombies’ were dropped on Laos with a sizable percentage which didn’t explode. 45 years after the last one was … Continue reading →

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Case Study 2 . . . Favored child

In last posting I described a case study from group work that had parents favoring a son over a daughter. This case was further illuminated yesterday by using the simple conflict analysis tools of the conflict tree and actor mapping.   These tools made clear the effects on the individuals in the family as well … Continue reading →

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Favored Child: A Case Study

In our training this week we have asked participants to think of case studies of real conflict that we could then use conflict analysis tools on. One that surfaced from a group looking at family conflicts was a family of four that included a mother, father and two children, a boy and a girl. The … Continue reading →

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