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Peace Education

I had the honor of addressing the Somaliland Ministry of Education staff. Invited by the Director General, I spoken on the strategic nature of peace education and posed a series of question as they shape their curriculum writing to include ways of strengthening peace through primary and secondary schools. As an outsider, I can only … Continue reading →

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One of the participants in my class on Designing Peace Education holds the rank of Major and is the commander of the 600 strong women’s police force. She is very interested in how to enhance the capacity of those under her charge through designing peace training.   When I asked her about the role of … Continue reading →

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It’s Hard to Hold My Head High Right Now

With the release of the Senate report on CIA torture right now it is difficult to be an American outside our borders. As the truth about torture comes into the light, US credibility continues to be diminished. Of course it is not as if persons in the global south did NOT know what was happening … Continue reading →

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When I first started going to Somaliland the issue of piracy was one of the few touchstones most people had with this part of the world. That and the now fading 1993 “Blackhawk Down” incident during which US soldiers were killed carrying out America’s humanitarian intervention that went awry in Mogadishu.   During the transatlantic … Continue reading →

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