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What Makes for Security?

Outside the University is a Daabshiil Money Exchange. I am continually struck by how this bank is more like an ordinary block house with doors and windows wide open to the busy street in front of the university main gate. I once had to cash a check there and two guys, feet propped up on … Continue reading →

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Three Views

My colleagues at the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute suggest there are at least three views of things that are metaphoric for seeking solutions to violent conflict. The view from a helicopter, Land Rover and walking. Viewing problems from a helicopter presents a flattened and panoramic field of vision where only major features of the terrain are … Continue reading →

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Peacebuilding is all About Relationships

As I travel back into Somaliland for the sixth time since I began coming here in March 2013 I am taking stock in what, if anything, I have actually contributed toward the greater common good here. Is it only me as a trainer who walks away from an intense 4 days of grappling with the … Continue reading →

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Politics and Human Security

21 July 2016 I’ve heard the national election cycle in the Philippines called the ‘silly season.’ I am traveling outside the US just at the time when one of our political parties is having its convention and the TVs in the airports I transit through are abuzz with pundits and talking heads and balloons on … Continue reading →

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