The Onion of a Healthy Nonviolent Movement

I have been following, with great interest, the #NoDAPL movement that is protecting the sacred waters near the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. Please go to this link to learn more.


As I watch the development of this specific water protection and the larger resistance to historic national and corporate disregard for the First Nations I have pondered what makes up a healthy and successful nonviolent moment. This first draft of the necessary  parts of such an organic movement. What do you think?


Ever growing archive of #NoDAPL reports, videos, information: of Healthy NV

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  1. Paul says:


  2. Amy Shorner-Johnson says:

    So as a person who follows your blog regularly, what made you choose the word “warriors” in particular? Is there a better word that doesn’t convey violence?

    • Amy thanks for the question. I think warriors is one of those words we assume is synonymous with violence but doesn’t necessarily have to be. I do think its an archetype stage of a balanced person. I am using it as the youthful, activist who is harnessing the power of nonviolence to press for change. When the elders set the values and define the change, the warriors are the movers who do. If you look at another example where this notion of warrior is being recaptured see: the Geronimo Hotshots who are wild firefighters of Native American Descent. They take inspiration from ancestors and channeling this energy into something positive. Does this make sense?

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