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Learning by Doing

Things got really tense in Dapat when young John killed the neighbors chicken. In fact, tensions broke out to the point where the lowlanders blockaded the highlanders, threatening to kill any who crossed into their territory. Some tenacious villagers from the highlands succeeded in bringing the two sides together to negotiate a settlement. And then … Continue reading →

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End of Enemy Series

Interlude to the Present I am currently in northern Thailand giving a series of talks on peacebuilding and human security at the Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace (IRCP) at Payap University. I experienced a wonderful example of the positive/creative language I have been blogging about when Dr. Suchart Setthamalinee, IRCP faculty, invited me to … Continue reading →

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Peace Education

I had the honor of addressing the Somaliland Ministry of Education staff. Invited by the Director General, I spoken on the strategic nature of peace education and posed a series of question as they shape their curriculum writing to include ways of strengthening peace through primary and secondary schools. As an outsider, I can only … Continue reading →

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Mastering Twitter

I’ve had a Twitter account since 2009 but only a few weeks ago really learned to use it. Before that I could not think of one use for it in education…it seemed such a frivolous waste of time. But students use Twitter with more regularity. I was shocked to hear that Facebook is ‘so old … Continue reading →

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Tapestry of Learning

It is gratifying to see a thread of the content that I developed and presented at Etown College and/or MPI being woven into a training conducted by someone else. In a recent training with religious and government leaders, some of my former students facilitated a module on identity I had recently taught them.   Of … Continue reading →

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I Don’t Know

“I don’t know” is probably the most informed and honest thing I have ever said to students in response to some questions they pose. The limits of my knowledge and understanding are revealed with stark clarity the more my experience tempers my knowledge. It is as if for every truism I find, there is an … Continue reading →

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What is Education For Anyway?

Both as a development worker and later as a facilitator of peacebuilding education I have often asked myself what is the end game of education.  A fascinating TED talk by Sugata Mitra entitled Build a School in the Cloud starts with why education was needed in a Colonial world.   In summary, before the internet, … Continue reading →

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Stumbling into Education

Education is in my family. My mom, a former 3rd grade teacher of 35 years, would tell stories of the classroom at the supper table. My dad is a former pastor. My brother is a university professor. I have aunts, uncles and cousins who were/are teachers.  My two sons are flight instructors and Carolyn, my … Continue reading →

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Education Theme

Education will be the theme in the coming blog postings while on this trip to Laos. I have chosen this focus partly because I am finishing up a Teaching in Higher Education Certificate course from Temple University so that topic is fresh on my mind. The courses in this certificate have really empowered me as … Continue reading →

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