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The Term “Warrior”

I want to address an apparent incongruity in the diagram in my last post. Thank you, Amy, for bringing this up. In previous posts on “The End of Enemy”, I have advocated for reimagining language that supports and reinforces peace. The use of the word “warrior” in my onion diagram may seem like a contradiction … Continue reading →

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End of Enemy Series

Reframing Communications skills are essential to transforming conflict. Reframing is the ability to distill charged, perhaps negative and loaded statements and see the essential needs of the speaker. For example:   “I hate her…she doesn’t respect me.”   As a listener, you might reframe that exclamation as:   “You have a need to be respected … Continue reading →

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What Makes for Security?

Outside the University is a Daabshiil Money Exchange. I am continually struck by how this bank is more like an ordinary block house with doors and windows wide open to the busy street in front of the university main gate. I once had to cash a check there and two guys, feet propped up on … Continue reading →

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A New Era in Civil/Military Relations

I had the privilege of attending a conference in The Hague, Netherlands where civil society peacebuilding organizations and military leaders launched a new era of coordination effort around human security. The conference was held at one of the NATO Centers of Excellence focusing on Civil/Military Cooperation.   Lisa Schirch shepherded a three year process of … Continue reading →

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A novel way to deal with ISIS – Nonviolently

One of the ‘truisms’ I teach my students about the use of nonviolence as a change strategy is that nonviolent methods start by looking really irrational, even laughable at first. But after the conflict progresses these methods look more and more rational compared to the options of violence. So with that in mind, I want … Continue reading →

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Case Study 2 . . . Favored child

In last posting I described a case study from group work that had parents favoring a son over a daughter. This case was further illuminated yesterday by using the simple conflict analysis tools of the conflict tree and actor mapping.   These tools made clear the effects on the individuals in the family as well … Continue reading →

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Favored Child: A Case Study

In our training this week we have asked participants to think of case studies of real conflict that we could then use conflict analysis tools on. One that surfaced from a group looking at family conflicts was a family of four that included a mother, father and two children, a boy and a girl. The … Continue reading →

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Nam Ngum Dam and Lake

Before our training we visited the Nam Ngum Dam and Lake about 2 hours north of the Lao Capital Vientiane. This massive body of water can be seen as a feature on regional-scale maps of the Mekong Countries.   A joint US, Thai and Japanese project begun in 1968, it produces electricity behind the massive … Continue reading →

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What I do

For those who wonder what I do.   I am the technical consultant for this project in the Lao PDR….

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3 Bottles of Water

In a loosely associated reference to the book 3 Cups of Tea book by Gregg Mortenson, chronicling the importance of relationship in building in Pakistan, I have been drinking lots of water with religious leaders in Laos. At each meeting a 350ml bottle of Tigerhead water, bottled by Lao Brewing Company, is placed before us … Continue reading →

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