About Me

Dr. Shah is a criminologist with research interests that focus on questioning how we think about corrections and correctional systems and involves three lines of inquiry: 1) The meaning of rehabilitation and language surrounding the rehabilitative ideal, particularly within systems of parole and post-release supervision; 2) The ways in which criminological language is used to justify correctional systems and structures; and 3) The geographic community of correctional spaces. Dr. Shah received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Irvine in 2011. While there, she worked with Dr. Justin Richland and Dr. Mona Lynch on her dissertation, There and back again: The role of rehabilitation within California’s correctional system and its impact on parole, which looked at the meaning of rehabilitation as a legislative goal of the California parole system, how rehabilitation is embedded in the purpose and work of parole, and how legislative shifts impact the role of rehabilitation in the work of parole. Dr. Shah is also an avid photographer, Lindy Hopper, and Georgia Bulldawgs fan.