My research focuses on the intersection of teacher planning, teacher education, instructional technology, and philosophical belief systems. My current research focus is aimed at better understanding how students learn to design instruction over the duration of teacher education programs. My current research questions have focused on structural aspects (often templates), explicit and implicit beliefs about planning, and how teacher education programs approach the development of planning over the course of a teacher education curriculum.

With regards to instructional technology, I am very interested in the development of online collaborative tools to enhance eductional practice. I have worked on online solutions for the development of undergraduate research expertise, improvement of feedback within student and peer teaching, and the facilitation of lesson design. Within lesson design, I am merging what I have learned from studying instructional design with the development of instructional technology tools that may better facilitate the process.

Finally, my interest within the realm of music and culture has taken me from Haiti to a hispanic church within Harrisburg. I am most interested in marrying my love of music education philosophy with qualitative research in an attempt to better understand beliefs behind the formalization of music education and experience.